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How a Casino Party Works

We would like to take this opportunity to show you why we are the perfect fit for your casino event. We bring the highest quality of custom built casino gaming tables, roulette wheels, craps tables and much more. Our professional and experienced dealers will not only deal the cards but can also instruct you on the rules of the casino games and show you the tricks to winning. Be confident that your casino fundraiser, charity event, wedding, private party or any casino event that you are planning, will have a real Las Vegas feel. With a roll of the dice, spin of the wheel or a chance to get a blackjack, we will bring the Vegas fun to your event.

Here is how a casino party works:

Guests receive $500 in funny money. They exchange their funny money for playing chips with the dealer at the game table of their choice, just like a real casino.

Guests can play casino games of their choice throughout the event.

When the tables close, the dealers pay off the guests with raffle tickets. The exchange rate is one raffle ticket per $100 in winnings.

You then hold a raffle for the various prizes you choose to provide. Once all guest have redeemed the casino chips, winners can be drawn!